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LaserPecker Auto-focus Stand Support for LP1 Pro




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Auto-focus: Automatically adjusts the laser distance. All you have to do is place the item on the base and press the switch. With built-in sensors, it measures the distance between the laser head and the engraved object and automatically adjusts the height to ensure the correct focal point.
Built-in Fan: The built-in fan in the stand blows away the burning smoke and keeps the laser outlet clean. Make sure the machine is working properly.
Foldable and Portable: It can be folded into a board that is portable for use and storage.
Premium Quality: Made of high quality aluminum alloy, exquisite surface polish.
Material: Aluminum alloy
Weight: 835.4g
Size: 194 * 153 * 24 mm
Color: Gray

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Auto-focus Stand for LaserPecker Pro
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