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LaserPecker LP5 - The Smart 20W Fiber + Diode Laser Engraver

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  • The most capable, lightest weight, and most compact engraver in its class. Versatile and reliable on a wide range of materials, for multiple application scenarios. 
  • Engrave at up to 10.000 mm/s, rapid engraving task completion, batch processing with variable text and smart filling.
  • Deep engraving for high-contrast markings, vivid 3D grayscale embossing, ultra-precise metal cutting.
  • Safely engrave and deliver instant services indoors, for retail stores, maker spaces and creative studios.

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  • 12-Month Warranty.
  • Powerful Software.
  • Professional Customer Service.

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LP5 Basic Bundle

€2.599,00 €3.399,00

Contains: LaserPecker LP5

Product Image

LP5 Deluxe Bundle

€2.999,00 €4.099,00

Contains: LaserPecker LP5 + Rotary Extension + Slide Extension

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LP5 Ultimate Bundle

€3.359,00 €4.499,00

Contains: LaserPecker LP5 + Rotary Extension + Slide Extension + Air Purifier


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LP5 Basic Bundle
Regular price €2.599,00
Regular price €3.399,00 Sale price €2.599,00
LaserPecker LP5 Product HighlightsLaserPecker LP5 Product Highlights

The Smart 20W
Dual Laser Engraver

Industry's smallest 2-in-1 laser engraver with 20W fiber and 20W diode laser sources, versatile for engraving on almost all materials.

20W Fiber Laser

Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, silver, plastic, platinum, titanium, gold, and so on.

LaserPecker LP5 Engraving Materials with 20W Fiber Laser

20W Diode Laser

Wood, acrylic, leather, glass, rock, paper, rubber, food, and so on.

LaserPecker LP5 Engraving Materials with 20W Diode Laser

More Powerful
Engraving Abilities

Deep Engraving

Achieve greater depth in a single path with clean, well-defined edges, and exceptional details.

3D Grayscale Embossing

Experience LaserPecker's software expertise and precision control for captivating grayscale engravings on wood, rocks, and metals.

Rediscover the joy of color engraving

Rather than limiting oneself to monochrome designs, the journey of experimenting with color engraving can inspire your craftsmanship.

LaserPecker LP5 Colorful Engraving

Precision Cutting for Optimal Results

Metal Cutting

Precise control over cutting angles and geometry, surpassing traditional lasers, cuts up to 1mm of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium sheets.

Wood Cutting

Achieve accurate cuts on various wood types, enhancing project efficiency, cutting up to 20mm thick wood.

Acrylic Cutting

Smooth, precise cuts on acrylic for signage and artistic projects, cuts up to 15mm thick black acrylic.

Precise control over cutting angles and geometry, surpassing traditional lasers, cuts up to 1mm of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium sheets.

Craft Your Masterpiece

LP5 Metal Cutting
LP5 Deep Engraving on Slate

Powerhouse in Portability

The LP5 is the most capable, lightest weight, and most compact engraver in its class, and its ease of portability makes it an ideal companion for versatile and on-the-go customization.

A woman holds LP5 in hand.

Handheld Engraving

With LP5, the possibilities for your projects are no longer limited by location or access to a stationary setup. Whether working on-site, in your workshop, or even outdoors, this compact and portable engraver allows you to create in the places that inspire you most.

Versatile Laser Engraver
for Every Scenario

Eine Frau benutzt den LP5 im Werkstatt.

Instant In-Store Customization

Ein Mann benutzt den LP5 zu Hause.

Craftsman's Pursuit of Exceptional Design

Eine Frau benutzt den LP5 für Handwerke.

Workshop Achieving Professional Engraving

Your Pathway to
Superior Engraving Mastery

Speed for
Unmatched Efficiency

The LP5 is a speed beast, capable of engraving at up to 10,000mm/s, providing precise and rapid results akin to industrial-grade machines.

Slide Extension

Effortlessly manage high-volume production during peak periods of urgency with the Slide Extension, enhancing both efficiency and speed.

Rotary Extension

Personalize cylindrical objects like tumblers, mug cups, glasses, bracelets, and rings with precision using the Rotary Extension.

Batch Processing
Has Never Been Easier

The Power of
Variable Text

Say goodbye to manual adjustments. Variable Text streamlines batch production, effortlessly engraving elements like serial numbers, dates, or personalized messages into designs.

Plug. Tap. Engrave.

Plug USB Drive in LP5

Step 1: Plug in USB Drive

Operation in App

Step 2: Select Project and Preview

Engraving Done

Step 3: Engraving Done

When Safety
Matters Most

Rigorously tested and certified, the LP5 enclosure system fully complies with EU regulations.

LaserPecker LP5 mit Sicherheitsschutzgehäuse
Door Sensor Detection

Both the conical protective cover and safety enclosure are equipped with door sensors that instantly halt laser operation when opened.

Front Light Filtration

Expertly engineered light filtration with premium materials blocks 99.99% of harmful lights to safeguard eyes in engraving workspace.

Exhaust Fan

 The exhaust fan delivers optimal airflow, efficiently removing particulates and fumes.

LaserPecker LP5 Safeguard Measurements with Safety EnclosureLaserPecker LP5 Safeguard Measurements with Safety Enclosure
LaserPecker LP5 Tripple Protection with Conical CoverLaserPecker LP5 Tripple Protection with Conical Cover
LaserPecker LP5 Exhaust Fan on Safety EnclosureLaserPecker LP5 Exhaust Fan on Safety Enclosure

Safeguarded Engraving By Design

Redundant safety mechanisms deliver comprehensive control and ensure your engraving workspace stays secure.

LaserPecker LP5 Overheat Protection


LaserPecker LP5 Quick Stop Button

Stop Button

LaserPecker LP5 Security Key

Security Key

A woman uses LP5 with the Safety Enclusure and an air purifier.

Smart and Efficient Engraving

for Smart Filling

Simplify your engraving workflow with smart filling. The integrated camera inside the safety enclosure can automatically identify the shape and size of your materials. Place materials on the plate and let the smart system handle the rest.

A Blending of Functionality and Convenience

Powerful PC Software & App for LP5

Engraving Ecosystem Empowers Seamless Workflow

Powerful yet intuitive PC software and mobile app - LaserPecker Design Space, give you complete command over the engraving jobs for an easy, efficient experience.

Before You Groove

Achieve perfect engraving with the dual red dots focusing and direct safe preview options.


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LP5 Upgrade Accessories
LaserPecker LP5 Zubehör Sicherheitsgehäuse

Safety Enclosure

LaserPecker LP5 Zubehör Luftreiniger

Desktop Air Purifier

LaserPecker LP5 Zubehör Schiebeverlängerung

Slide Extension

LaserPecker LP5 Zubehör Drehvorrichtung

Rotary Extension

LaserPecker LP5 Zubehör Drehvorrichtung

PowerPack Plus

Packing List

LaserPecker LP5 Package ListLaserPecker LP5 Package List


Product NameLaserPecker LP5
Laser Power & Laser Source20W 450nm Blue Diode Laser
20W 1064nm Fiber Laser
Working Area120 x 160mm (Ellipse)
100 x 100mm (Square)
160 x 300mm (With the Slide Extension)
Max. Working Speed10.000mm/s
Laser Spot Size0,08 x 0,1mm (20W Diode Laser)
0,06 x 0,06mm (20W Fiber Laser)
Engraving Precision0,0027mm
Preview ModeRectangle Preview/Outline Preview/Center Point Preview
Supported File FormatsPC-Software: G-Code /JPG /PNG /BMP /SVG /DXF usw.
Mobile App: G-Code /JPG /PNG /SVG
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-Fi
Net WeightLaser Unit: 3,36kg
Electric Stand: 2,28kg
Conical Protective Cover: 0,38kg
Total Weight: 6,02kg
Laser Unit: 255 x 98 x 183mm
Electric Stand: 198 x 286 x 323mm
Conical Protective Cover: 167 x 231 x 160mm
Safety CertificationCE /ROHS /FCC /FDA/ NCC/ KC/ UKCA/ TELEC/ SRRC


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