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LaserPecker Laser Protective Cover for LP2 & LP3

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Safeguard Your Eyesight: The laser protective cover is specially designed for LaserPecker LP2 and LP3. It can effectively filter both laser types of LP2 and LP3 and provide the highest level of full protection for you and your companions.
Hall Sensor System: A built-in Hall sensor automatically pauses the project work, once the door is opened, and resumes the work when the door is closed. So you can work safely and showcase your engraving with a peace of mind.
Garantee A Healthy Workspace: With a built-in smoke exhaustion fan, the LP4 protective cover helps better extract the unpleasant smoke and smell generated during the laser engraving. Can also be used in excellent combination with LaserPecker Air Purifier for optimal results.
Built to Last: Made of high-quality acrylic material,solid and durable enough to provide long-lasting reliable protection.
Laser Filter Ranges:
190-550 nm (Violet / Blue Light)
800-1100 nm (Infrared Light)
Protective Cover: 287 x 263 x 257 mm / 11,30" x 10,35" x 10,11" (L x B x H)
Material: Acrylic, Plastic, Aluminium Alloy

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Laser protective cover for LP2 and LP3
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Customer Reviews

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Durable materials, good protection, saves time

Durable materials, good protection, saves time:

This laser safety box is made with durable materials that don't seem fragile in the least. The materials are all of higher quality and don't seem easy to break, even if dropped from a modest height. The laser protection seems to live up to the standards outlined in the product info as well. With that protection, I don't need to cover my laser machine or leave the room during an engraving. And as with most machined engravings, the software representation of an engraving doesn't always match the output, either due to a mechanical issue with the device or an incorrect output setting, so having the ability to safely observe an engraving allows me to spot defects sooner than waiting for the entire process to finish, which saves me time in the long run.

Overall, this is a good product and I would recommend.

Chris Murphy
Works Well

I like how I don't have to constantly raise and then lower the laser in order to put thing under the protective filter that comes with the Laser Pecker. I also like how this comes with a USB splitter to allow more devices to be attached. The fan installed is also a bit more heavy duty than the one shipped with the Laser Pecker.
However, I think the price point is a little high for what it is.
All in all, it's far more convenient for doing batch etchings and that's where the value comes from for me.