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LaserPecker Rotary Extension Accessory

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For rounded, spherical, ring-shaped or irregular surfaces

The Rotary Extension Accessory comes with three sets of adjustable jaw attachments that can be used to fix engraving objects with a diameter of 1mm to 145mm. Whether conical, spherical, cylindrical or ring-shaped inner or outer walls.

Dimensions: 308 x 99 x 108mm (12,12" x 3,89" x 13,19")
Compatibility: LP4, LP5, LX1, LX1 Max and later generations

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With Rotary Extension you can engrave on ring, sphere, ellipsoid and irregular objects.
Regular price €363,99
Regular price €454,99 Sale price €363,99

Rotary Extension

Compatible with LP4, LX1 and later generations. Suitable for engraving cylindrical objects of various sizes and shapes

Super Versatile and Functional

Extends the capabilities of LaserPecker engravers to handle cylindrical and irregularly shaped objects, supporting diameters from 1 mm to 145 mm.

LaserPecker Rotary Extension Engraving on Ring
LaserPecker Rotary Extension Engraving on Tumbler
LaserPecker Rotary Extension Engraving on Goblet
LaserPecker Rotary Extension Engraving on Sphere
LaserPecker Rotary Extension Double Step Jaws DiameterLaserPecker Rotary Extension Double Step Jaws Diameter
LaserPecker Rotary Extension Stud Component DiameterLaserPecker Rotary Extension Stud Component Diameter
LaserPecker Rotary Extension Single Step Jaws DiameterLaserPecker Rotary Extension Single Step Jaws Diameter

More Details

Adjustable Rotary Chuck

The Rotary Extension's adjustable 180-degree range allows for convenient engraving around the full inner or outer circumference of round objects, as well as in diverse applications.

LaserPecker Rotary Extension Adjustable AngleLaserPecker Rotary Extension Adjustable Angle
LaserPecker Rotary Extension Angle Adjustment KnobLaserPecker Rotary Extension Angle Adjustment Knob

Precise Angle Adjustment

Turn the angle adjustment knob on the side to set the precise engraving angle, ensuring consistent repeatability for subsequent projects.

Soft-pad Stud Components

Covered with soft protective pads, the stud components securely hold objects in place during engraving to prevent damage or scratches to the surface.

LaserPecker Rotary Extension JawsLaserPecker Rotary Extension Jaws
LaserPecker Rotary Extension TailstockLaserPecker Rotary Extension Tailstock

Multifunctional Tailstock

Adjust the height of the tailstock to stably accommodate large, long or heavy objects in a level position, ensuring even engraving results.


Product NameLaserPecker Rotary Extension
Dimensions308 × 108 x 99mm
MaterialAluminium Alloy
Chuck Diameter Range52mm - 80mm
Maximum Engraving Diameter200mm
Engraving Diameter RangeSingle-step Jaw: 66mm -145mm
Double-step Jaw: 1mm - 128mm
Stud Component: 13mm - 78mm
Supported Operating SystemsiOS 9.0+, Android 6.0+, macOS 10+, Windows 10+
Power Input5V/1A
Angle Precision0.014°
Idling Movement Speed140.625°/s
Maximum Engraving Speed117.1875°/s
Minimum Engraving Speed11.25°/s

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
An A+ machine

I owned an LP2 with cylinder and used them to engrave gifts and souvenirs . But when LP 4 was released I knew I had to have it; with all the new features including metal engraving, larger size and higher resolution. Plus this rotary extension that takes out the guessing work when engraving on cylinder shape items like cups etc ; this machine will tell you exactly where your engraving is going to be and can repeat it hundreds of times with 100% precision

Make sure to check for all the parts

I received a total of 11 tiny screws. The 4 main screws for the base and 7 for the other part. There should be a total of 12.
I just emailed support to see if they can send me the other screw.
I used this to engrave on a few tumblers. i need to practice more. But I like it so far so I will still give it 5 stars

Myron R. Hollifield
Great product

Great quality, as described

A great accessory for those that need it

Very happy with the rotary extension. While I have concerns about the laserpecker software, the rotary extension hardware is great and a super attractive piece of design work.

Gut aber verbesserungswürdig

Qualitativ eigentlich sehr hochwertg, leider aber sind die Klemmbacken aus Kunststoff eine Katastrophe mit null Grip.
Leider kann man auch die Stützrollen nicht ganz nach unten stellen, schon ein Problem bei ca. D=70mm.