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LaserPecker LP2: Portable and Handleable Laser Engraver




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Super Fast Engraving: LaserPecker LP2 laser engraving machine with the dual lens galvanometer technology runs up to 600mm/s, can engrave more projects in less time.

Finer Details: The compressed laser spot as tiny as 0.05 * 0.05mm creates more details to make your artwork more lifelike.

Wide Application: LaserPecker LP2 works on a wide range of material types, e.g. paper, cardboard, wood, leather, acrylic, anodized/coated aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Easy Operation: No complicated assembly is required, allowing you to set up with ease and start your projects in seconds. Easy operation via mobile phone or computer, ideal for newbies.

Safe Usage: Laser protection cover and safety goggles build a double protection to avoid laser damage to the eyes. Automatically stops in detection of vibration, tilting, and over-temperature.

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Various Materials, Amazing Effects

Versatile Electric Roller

More Modes, Larger Areas

*The rotary roller kit for LP2 includes: rotary roller, magnetic slider, C-shaped bracket and USB cable.

360° Cylindrical Rotating Engraving

LaserPecker LP2 is capable of 360° rotating engravings on cylindrical objects, as well as curved or uneven surfaces. LaserPecler 2 simply does it all.

Maximal 100 x 2000 mm Engraving Area

The maximum engraving size is supersized up to 100*2000mm giving you the option to engrave anything up to two meters in size effortlessly.

Practical Preview Function

Frame Preview

Contur Preview

Details Matter

Compact and Portable

Small but powerful. Easy to store and carry.

Steuerung per Elektroständer

Einfache Fokussierung. Drücken Sie nach oben / unten, um die Höhen anzupassen.

Electric Stand Control

Easy focusing process. Press up /down to get the exact focal length.

Rechargeable Power Bank

No more restrictions. Engrave anytime anywhere.


Stellen Sie den Winkel des Laserkopfes so ein, dass Sie auf allen abgeschrägten Materialien gravieren können.

Multi-Angle Engraving

Adjust the angle of the laser head to engrave on any bevelled materials.

Simple and Powerful APPS

Einfache und leistungsstarke Anwendung

LP2_Powerful Softwares_PC.jpg__PID:91dc3d24-6bfe-411a-9cbb-321db46d096d

Rich Functions

LP2_App with rich functions_PC.jpg__PID:7eee39d7-928f-4da8-bd52-a8a5b811d8c9L2手机端四种模式.jpg__PID:c5c5364c-e49c-4b66-b0eb-8e7ccbb6aab1LP2_Long Lifespan_PC.jpg__PID:a5c8756f-1052-46b2-befc-b8a8a52940f0LP2_Long Lifespan_WAP.jpg__PID:65b18f4a-572e-4e20-bb8b-dae266b8c9cbLP2_Security Features_PC.jpg__PID:e1a5c875-6f10-4226-b2fe-fcb8a8a52940LP2_Security Features_WAP.jpg__PID:b18f4a57-2e2e-40bb-8bda-e266b8c9cbb3


Laser Power
5 W
Laser Type450nm NICHIA Diode Laser (Latest Compressed Spot Technology)
Engraving Speed6mm/s - 600mm/s
Engraving Area100 x 100 mm (Standard)
100 x 2000 mm (with Roller)
Preview Mode
Frame Preview + Contur Preview
Preview Speed3750 mm/s
File FormatsJPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G-code, DXF, und mehr
Wireless TransmissionHigh-speed Bluetooth 5.0
Operating SystemMobile: Android & IOS
PC: Windows und Mac OS
Input12V 5A | 100-240V | 50-60Hz

Customer Reviews

Based on 329 reviews
Je ne m’en lasse pas !

Toutes les déco pour mon mariage seront fait grâce à cette machine, le retour sur investissement est incroyable je peux littéralement tout personnaliser je ne peux pas mettre toutes les photos de ce que j’ai fait car il y en a trop !Très pratique à transporter et aussi facile d’utilisation, je recommande très largement !

Rahul S.
Easy to use Laser Engraver

 This is the most amazing laser engraving machine that requires little or no learning curve into the world of laser engraving. It has enough power to engrave most of materials.The best thing about LP2 is the engraving speed. So far I've had so much fun engraving. Tested on different materials, the results were absolutely amazing. I did few YETI's, and other powdered coated bottles with ease using the electric roller.Also this works from a mobile phone (iOS and Android) and don't need to carry laptop around.I would highly recommend it for beginners and someone who wants portability. Check out their YouTube videos and some of the reviews 😉

Andrew hood
Laser Fun

Over the moon with how easy this is to use, really great product as described.Only regret is not getting the roller with it, this will be the next purchase 😂 I suggest buying it with!!!Alot of tinkering to find the right laser depth for varied things adds to the fun

Fa quello che vuoi al Top

Ottimo prodotto di ottima fattura e di uso semplice e intituivo, bisogna prima provare su scarti di materiali per vedere come si comporta per non bruciare qualcosa, ma poi quando si hanno capito le impostazioni giuste é un gioco da ragazzi completare ogni tipo di lavoro che si vuole eseguire… consigliatissimo e divertente da usare

PRODUIT INCROYABLE : Facile et Efficace !

 Produit INCROYABLE de facilité et d'efficacité ! Quand j'ai vu les vidéos sur internet avant d'acheter, je n'étais pas sur que ce soit aussi simple et efficace qu'annoncé ! J'ai acheté sur Amazon pour la facilité de retour (30 Jours) et de SAV en cas de soucis. J'ai reçu le produit en 72H, le produit est très bien fini, ça respire la solidité, le professionnalisme et la qualité ! Je suis bluffé par la simplicité d'utilisation et la qualité de la gravure ! L'utilisation est intuitive, on est bien guidé depuis l'application pour les premiers essais et on peut rapidement et facilement faire une belle gravure, que ce soit sur du bois, de l'inox, de l'aluminium etc...Il y a aussi plein de paramètres permettant de faire de nombreuses choses très pointus, même si les paramètres de bases permettent de réaliser des gravures sans se tromper !J'ai hâte de tester encore plus ce produit, mais en a peine 2 jours c'est incroyable tout ce que l'on peut faire avec ! BRAVO BRAVO !!