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LaserPecker LP3: High Precision Metal & Plastic Laser Engraver with Safety Cover




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All-round Protection: The laser protective cover can effectively filter laser radiation and offers you and your companions the highest level of full protection.

Metal & Plastic Engraver: LaserPecker LP3 is an infrared laser marker specifically for metal, plastic and artificial leather, can engrave on gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, titanium, ABS plastic, artificial leather and so on.

Ultra-High Precision: Up to 4K high resolution and 0.01MM ultra-fine laser point ensures ultra-high engraving accuracy and perfect image reproduction.

High Speed Engraving: Innovative industrial grade galvanometer technology contributes to high speed engraving of 36000mm/min. This allows you to complete more work in less time.

Easy Focusing: No complicated manual measurement thanks to dual red light focusing. With just a button click you can easily adjust the focal length until the two red light points align.

No Restrictions: Unlimited by time, location or angle, easy to set up and use. 360° rotation for multi-angle engraving on slanted objects. Bring a power bank with you to achieve flexible engraving on the trip.

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Process 100+ Materials


Create Amazing Works On

Advanced Compressed Spot Technology

Adopting an industrial-grade laser spot compression technology, LaserPecker LP3 reaches an ultra-fine focal spot of only 0.01 mm, allows for a le

4K Realistic Details

Realistic engraving quality up to 4K high resolution, clearly restores all tiny details of photos.

0.01 mm Engraving Accuracy

High engraving precision finer than hair, perfectly presenting every subtle detail of the engraved patterns.

Advanced Compressed Spot Technology

Adopting an industrial-grade laser spot compression technology, LaserPecker LP3 reaches an ultra-fine focal spot of only 0.01 mm, allows for a leap in engraving accuracy.

4K Realistic Details

Realistic engraving quality up to 4K high resolution, clearly restores all tiny details of photos.

0.01 mm Engraving Accuracy

High engraving precision finer than hair, perfectly presenting every subtle detail of the engraved patterns.

05-LP3 Speed1-PC_2.jpg__PID:ddccfe6a-3878-4b6f-bfdc-6f4d4dd3925405-LP3 Speed1-PC_2.jpg__PID:ddccfe6a-3878-4b6f-bfdc-6f4d4dd39254

Faster Engraving
More Efficient Working

Increase Your Productivity by 250%

Discover More Creative Ways of Engraving

Cylinder Engraving
with Versatile Electric Roller

Cylinder Engraving with Versatile Electric Roller

Cylinder Engraving
with Versatile Electric Roller

Batch Out Your Projects with Positioning Base Plate

Batch Out Your Projects with Positioning Base Plate

Batch Out Your Projects
with Positioning Baseplate

Easy Twist for
Multi-Angle Engraving

Easy Twist for Multi-Angle Engraving

Easy Operation,
No Learning Curve

User-friendly Focusing and Project Preview

Double Dots Focus

Press the button or simply tap within the app to adjust the height of the laser head, until the two red dots overlap.

Intelligent Double Dots Focus

Press the button or simply tap within the app to adjust the height of the laser head, until the two red dots overlap.

Real-time Preview

Preview the project at exactly the position to be engraved.

Powerful Software, Create with Ease

Land Your First Creation in 3 Simple Steps

12-LP3 Steps-WAP.png__PID:2a7e5a4c-1029-47d3-ae8f-5c8bc2ebe1ce

01 - Design

Create your unique designs within LaserPecker Design Space App.

02 - Engraving

Set suitable parameters for your materials and then hit engraving!


03 - Admire

Have fun and enjoy the excellent results beyond your expectation.

Add Extra Safeguard with Laser Protective Cover

LP3 Project Gallery


Heute mal maritime Gravur 🤗⚓️Becher, Thermoflasche und einen Flachmann 😋🏖 Habt einen schönen Tag!

Calvin Forbes

Unedited photo of LP3 in 4K/100/65/1 (greyscale mode).

Erinn LaMattery

And finally, a little Father's Day project I've been developing for my shop, so cute!

Ernest Hui

First test on sacrificial old case (4K, 100,5,1) Looks amazing

Yi Yu

Customised some swags for work. The Batch button made it a lot quicker!
Settings: nWhite plastic cases: 4,40,1,2

Paaj Hnub Haam

Received the LP3 about three days ago. Perfect for engraving stainless steel at 100/100/1!


Beautiful brass signage plaques held on a natural wood base. These signs are perfect for businesses, special wedding details or any other special occasion.

Mar Ke

The LP3 is absolutely Perfect, i Love it
Settings: 4K/100/23/1

Calvin Forbes

Possibilities are endless with LP3! 4k/100/18/1


Product NameLaserPecker LP3 Laser Engraver
Laser Type1064 nm Infrared Laser / II VI Laser Enterprise
Laser PowerAverage Power: 1000 mW,
Peak Power: 10 KW
Working Area Ellipse: 115 x 80 mm,
Square: 65 x 65 mm
Engraving Speed6 - 800 mm/s
Preview Speed3750 mm/s
Laser Spot Size0.01 mm
Resolution1K / 2K / 4K
Applicable MaterialsMost Metals, Plastics, Faux Leather and any material with paint coating
Preview ModeSquare Preview + Graphical Preview
SoftwareLaserPecker & LaserPecker Design Space & LaserPecker PC Software
File FormatsPC: G-Code/JPG/PNG/BMP/SVG/DWG/DXF etc. Vector Format
ConnectionMobile - Wireless Bluetooth 5.0+ PC - USB Connection / Wireless Bluetooth 5.0+ (Dongle Required)
Operating SystemHandy- iOS 9.0+ & Android 7.0+
PC - macOS 10+ & Windows 10+
System LanguagesGerman/Spanish/French/English/Japanese/Korean
Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
Safety CertificationCE, ROHS, FCC, FDA, CDRH, NCC, KC, UKCA, TELEC
Input PowerDC(12V 5A) AC(100-240V, 50-60HZ)
DimensionsLaser Head: 168.6 x 62.1 x 169.5 mm,
Stand: 194 x 153.5 x 261.1 mm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Connectivity issues and a weak app, but still a very cool machine

 First impressions: Super basic to set up- a manual for both the enclosure and the laser itself are included. The laser assembly is basically two screws to put the two halves of the base together, and then a knob to attach the laser head. The enclosure is four pieces that slot together and then you pop in some locking pins. Doesn't get much simpler.The footprint is TINY compared to anything else I've used- approximately 10" in each direction. By comparison the footprint on my diode laser is more than 4x bigger. It does of course have a very small engraving area compared to other laser types, but being able to keep it on a corner of my desk for easy access is really nice given that most of my work space is taken up by bulky 3d printers and space on any surface is at a premium.Now some cons: This only works with their app, which is rudimentary at best. I could not get it to connect to my iPad (does not appear as an available bluetooth device), but it connects fine to my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra android phone. You need to register with the app, but it's as simple as requesting a code via email and plugging it in. The app does have a design interface but it is super limited in function and I likely won't use it most of the time. If you're only engraving text and simple stock clipart-type images it's probably fine. Otherwise you'll want to design elsewhere and then import to whatever device you're controlling the laser from. The enclosure is very nice for protecting your eyes, but does nothing to control fumes - so you'll need to address that separately.The pros: Super easy to scale and line up your projects using the preview feature. It's awesome to be able to clearly see where you're engraving, especially coming from using a diode without a camera and having to guess/eyeball/trial-and-error my alignments most of the time. There are several safety checks you must Ok through on any part of use, many of which are probably less necessary when using with the enclosure (you don't really need the glasses and the laser won't function unless the door is closed). A sample pack of materials and sheet outlining recommended settings are included to get you off and running (which is great because I ordered a bunch of blank charms and such from China that won't be here for a few weeks, and this gave me some starter pieces to fiddle with in the meantime!). Focusing the laser is a snap- you can either use the included ruler or do it visually using the buttons on the stand or even right on your screen in the app (move the laser head up/down by tiny increments until they overlap).The meh: The letter also says you can get a free bluetooth dongle and cutting plate if you email them. Why not just include them in the package, yall?I've engraved several of the provided aluminum business cards at different settings- as with any laser you'll want to test different engraving modes and power/depth settings to get the results you want based on your materials and goals. Unfortunately the overly-simple app doesn't seem to have an option for material test patterns (a nice feature on other programs like Lightburn) so you'll have to do these tests manually. I will say that I've had good results so far with the recommended settings provided on the cheat sheet that came with the sample materials, so you can use those as a starting point. Additional resources can be found online and there are a couple of Facebook groups for owners of this laser to compare notes.Detail on the engravings I've done so far is very good and it's relatively fast. The mandala image I included in the testing pictures was done twice on the same material and scale using the "bin" and "gray" settings to compare results. Bin is much faster and brighter, but gray (the picture setting) gave more accurate detail. For a 1.8" square image the gray setting took just over 11 minutes and the bin setting took just over two- obviously a huge difference for minimal quality gain. I think most projects will be better off with the bin setting (the obvious exception being photographs). I also did some pet tags and found they worked great at 100% power and 5% depth- they were very fast to engrave, about 20 seconds for each side.If you can get past the limitations of the app this is a really neat machine. I look forward to integrating it into my crafting and jewelry making!

Kindle Customer
Great portable laser engraver/cutter.

Really liking this LaserPecker 2 engraver/cutter. First time using such a device so a quick learning curve was needed. Joining the fb user group helped a lot (just search within the group for your question, if not answered previously, ask away).I have so far done engravings on stainless steel (reusable) straws, mdf coasters & slate coasters (photo's of straw & slate coaster in this review). I am very happy with how they have turned out. Only 'wasted' one coaster & straw getting the correct settings but I think it was worth it.One thing I will say is practise, practise then practise some more. You will 'waste' materials whilst you find the settings for the material you're using and for how you want it to look.I have also ordered the 'portable' powerbank now (directly from the company) as more projects have come to mind that won't have any mains power nearby.Review maybe updated at a later date......

Nick G
Laserpecker could not be better.

This is the first laser engraver I have owned.The packaging is premium and easily up to iPad standards. Inside the box everything is encased in foam.Basically it is just two screws to assemble it using the included hex key.The unit itself seems very well made and feels very nice .The mobile app to run it is easy to use and most settings are self explanatory.When you are using it I would recommend trying to vent the smoke and fumes outside, although if you are only doing smallengravings it is ok to use inside ,if you can stand the smell of burning wood.I am looking forward to seeing what I can cut,etch or engrave, apart from leaving messages on my wife’s fruit.It is possible to use it handheld as it is quite quick, but a power bank would make it easier.

The OP
Compact but over performs

 The LP2 laser engraver is the upgraded model from the LP1, this means that they have completely redesigned the body of the laser itself increasing it's power and accuracy, although they have increased the size of the body itself it's still a really compact unit and the additional handle which has been added to the top as well as the buttons which can be activated and deactivated.So starting from top to bottom as an overview for this entire unit, the handle on top is designed purely for portability in mind, where you can hold the device in your hand and push it up against any surface you need to engrave without having to dismantle anything. The handle is thin and easy to hold making it ideal for lengthy engraving, however i wouldn't want to be the only thing holding it in position during a full engraving as i wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't hold it perfectly still which might affect the engraving itself. Next to the handle are 3 buttons, these buttons by default are turned off and can be turned on through the app by going to the menu button (top right) -->Mode Settings --> Turn Touch Key On. These then allow you to control the preview button and the Power Switch (on/Off). As well as having an indicator light which tells you what's happening with it (yellow flashing whilst synching and Blue solid once connected.In order to use it you'll need to get it connected to the app, in my case i was using a Google Pixel phone which needed to be connected through the device first using the pin 0000 then going through the app and it auto connects, however some phones including iPhones will connect first time directly through the app itself.Once the device is connected which you can check in the menu button and by pressing "Bluetooth Device Connection" you'll then need to set the all important height, this can be done via the buttons on the side of the auto stand or by adding on the Shield (which has an integrated fan) which is the perfect height of 110mm. I tend to use the auto-stand with the shield attached more as i engrave smaller items and just find it that much easier to do it this way.Up to this point you now have a fully functioning single dimension laser engraver...then they had to throw in a 3rd axis which in itself is genius. This add on plugs in relay into the LP2 and allows you to use it numerous ways to engrave more awkward items, the first of them being tubular items such as bottles, pens, pencils etc. Once it has been connected up, you turn on the third axis through mode settings in the app, choose Cylinder and place your item to engrave onto the metal rollers, once you have checked your image and placed it where you want it engraved you can even preview the engraving as it rotates around the object to ensure you get it just right. You can also use this 3rd Axis to turn over, attach the LP2 to and set it up to engrave a longer object in a full run as you watch the LP2 "walk" across it engraving, i would however suggest you do a bit of trial and error on this first though as it is rather more difficult than just standard engraving, you'll also need to make sure it has a fixed run holding it in place either side to ensure a straight engraving.Without going into any more detail, this device is a really fun cool piece of kit that really can engrave most things, it's a marvel how far they have come since the original LP1 making this device the ultimate user friendly laser engraver that works for both pros but also amateurs and enthusiasts.

Simple to use, engrave, cut all done with phone/tablet app

 The LaserPecker 2 is a user friendly professional tool for Laser engraving and Laser cutting. Much faster than the first generation engraver and all you need is a phone or tablet with the app.I managed to engrave a massive 60cmx10cm name on my wooden work bench with the 3 axis roller base, personalized a glass perfume bottle, engrage a logo on a curved metal sport bottle and have my photo engraved on the sample wood. It cannot engrave metal as such but with a marker I managed to etch a logo onto the stainless steel dog tag, this is a game changer for laser engraving.Cutting thin cardboard is what this machine can do really well, nice and sharp cut out with very find details. Cutting thin wood will also work but because it is a fixed point laser there is a beveled edge toward the end of the 10cmx10cm cutting area. The middle will always be the best for cutting, any thing up to 1.5mm will not be noticiable. There is a big support network on social media and I found most of the settings needed for different materials online which save me a lot of time dialing it in for cutting.The built of the macine is high end, every piece is engineered to fit perfect without wobble which gives the laser engraving and cutting with high accuracy. The 3 Axis assistant is not necessary for 2D engraving but it open up possibilities for engraving all sorts of curved surfaces and also allows it to engrave 10cm hight with infinity width.The orange engraveing cone protect your eyes from harmful laser as well as being the laser focus guide, a pair of eye protection is included which is adjustable and comfortable to wear. The App is well designed with many template ready for use, it can also convert any photo or screenshorts from your phone and use it to cut/engrave with just a few clicks.I wish it comes with a case and cutting base but overall a fantastic Laser engraving tool