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LaserPecker LP4: The World's First Dual-laser Engraver for Most Materials




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  • The World's First Portable Dual-Laser For All Almost Materials!
  • Unmatched Portability & Functionality With A Larger Engraving Area!
  • Easy To Use Multifunction & Smart LED Touch Screen!
  • The Most Accurate, Powerful, & Fastest LaserPecker EVER!

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€1.799,00 €1.999,00
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LP4+Slide Extension
€1.979,00 €2.199,00
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LP4+Rotary Extension
€2.099,00 €2.339,00
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LP4+Rotary Extension+Slide Extension
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LP4 Ultimate Bundle
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LaserPecker LP4 Basic Set
Regular price €1.799,00
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LaserPecker LP4

The World's First Portable Dual-Laser for Almost All Materials!

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LaserPecker LP4

A portable dual-laser device for creating meaningful works of art, starting a small business, and bringing your creative ideas to life. Equipped with our versatile accessory systems, you will experience unrestricted creativity, anytime, anywhere.

Product Highlights

LP4 Product HightlightsLP4 Product Hightlights

Transform the Ordinary into Extraordinary

LP4 used in small businessLP4 used in small business

User Testimonials

Slate plate with deer engraving, made by welaserart
Black drinking bottles with logo engraving, made by welaserart
laser cut Christmas greeting card, made by Michael Aktinson
Axe with engraved patterns, made by William Corey Reynolds
Black keyboard with engraved pattern, made by welaserart
White plastic shampoo container with text engraving, made by Zazzy Winker
Metal box and glasses with pattern engraving, made by Brian Robbins
Silicone phone case with manga engraving, made by Calvin Forbes

Pioneering Dual-laser Technology

Setting the industry standard, we are the first to provide a dual-laser solution.

LP4 Dual Laser Source: Blue Laser & Infrared LaserLP4 Dual Laser Source: Blue Laser & Infrared Laser

Why Choose LaserPecker Dual-laser?

Innovative Dual Laser System
Independently Developed Light Correction Algorithm
International Recognition for Design and Performance
Was ist ein Dual-Laser und wie funktioniert er bei der Gravur? Mehr erfahren>>

A Machine For
AlI Your Needs

Combining two light sources, the LP4 brings the power of customization to nearly all materials.

LP4 Broad Material Spectrum
450 nm Blue Diode Laser

10W 450 nm
Blue Diode Laser

The 10W 450nm Blue Laser engraves on Wood, Acrylic, Glass, Leather, Ceramic, Paper, Stone, Metals, & more. It is also capable of cutting wood up to 8mm and acrylic up to 5mm with the proper settings.

Wooden projects created with LP4 450nm Blue Diode LaserWooden projects created with LP4 450nm Blue Diode Laser

2W 1064 nm
Infrared Laser

The 2W 1064nm Infrared Laser artfully engraves on Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Gold, Silver, Plastic & more.

1064 nm Infrared Laser
Stainless steel projects created with LP4 1064nGold projects created with LP4 1064nm Infrared Laser

YET Powerful

Basic Work Area

With a basic engraving area of 120 mm x 160 mm, the LP4 provides the largest workspace in its class catering to your essential needs and beyond.

LP4 Standard Working Area
LP4 Extended Working Area with Slide Extension

Slide Extension Accessory

Expand your workspace to 160 mm x 300 mm with the Slide Extension to scale up your creative potential, increase your productivity, and utilize the multi-batch functionality. 

The Most Portable Dual Laser
with the Largest Workspace

Weighing only 4 kg (8.8 lbs) you can take your LP4 anywhere and maximize your potential business opportunities.

Dual laser versatility gives you the freedom to use more materials, make a variety of items, and generate more revenue.

Rotary Extension Accessory

Engrave on cylindrical objects like tumblers, mug cups, and glasses as well as bracelets and rings using the Rotary Extension Accessory.

LP4 engraving on blue drinking bottle with the Rotary Extension

Multi-Angle Laser Unit Positioning
with Infinite Adjustability

Engrave on larger cylindrical objects

Diverse rotary engraving methods

Increased Speed, Less Waiting

4000 mm/s speed for precise efficient engraving on nearly all materials.

LP4 Speed Upgrade to 4000mm/s

Faster Than Ever

LP4 Galvonometer Technology

Proprietary Galvanometer Mirror System

LP4 Chip and Inner Design

Fastest Portable Laser Engraver

LP4 engraving on multiple objects with Slide Extension

Batch Processing

Efficient batch processing is quick and easy using the LP4 Slide Extension accessory.

Incredible Precision,
Vivid Results

0.0009 mm motion accuracy brings your creations to life.

Incredible Precision, Vivid Results

0.0019 mm motion accuracy brings your creations to life.

LP4 focusing and compressed spot

Smart Focal Correction

Our proprietary light correction algorithm built into an intelligent chip corrects the laser at the edge of the lens, enlarging the work area while ensuring extremely high precision and speed.

Intricate Images and Designs up to 8K Resolution

Stunning photorealistic engraving

Highly detailed line work

Make Every Laser Engraving Stunning

 Slate serving plate with lion engraving
Laser cut city map on wood plate with every details
A photo-realistic engraving of an astronaut

Powerful Software Options

The Intuitive User Interface accelerates the learning curve from beginner to pro.

LaserPecker LDS PC Software, Mobile APP and Community
LaserPecker Design Space

Cross Platform Compatibility

Supported Systems:
Mobile: iOS /Android
PC: Windows /macOS

Data Formats:
Mobile: JPG/PNG/G-Code/SVG


LightBurn Compatible

The mature engraving software forcommon laser cutter.

Get Started with Ease! 

Functions, operations, and software upgrades designed to make laser engraving easier and accessible for everyone.

Smart LED Touchscreen

  • Swipe to switch the laser source
  • Monitor work progress in real-time
  • Access saved project files to repeat work
Smart Touch Screen

User-Friendly Focusing and Project Area Preview

  • Outline Frame & Center Point Preview Modes
  • Intuitive Double Red Dot Focus


The Intuitive User Interface accelerates the learning curve from beginner to pro.

A women operates the engraving from a Tablet
A women designs the engraving pattern in LDS App on Tablet

Step 1: Design

A woman aligns the paper card on the Slide Extension

Step 2: Engrave

A women looks at the finished laser cut greeting card.

Step 3: Admire

Personalize Your Gifts for Added Meaning and Value

A small bussiness owner uses LP4 for jewelry making.

DIY Customization

A woman uses LP4 to make holiday gifts for her family and friends.

Holiday Gifts

Artistic Photo Engravings with LP4

Artistic Photo

A man uses LP4 to create multilayer cutting projects.

Cutting Art

Multiple Built-In
Safety Features

Built-In & Practical Protection

Safety Cover
with Exhaust Fan

Effectively removes smoke generated during engraving ensuring a safe environment and optimal engraving effect

Magnetic Cover Sensor

Project work will be paused when the magnetic cover is remove

Tilt Protection

The device will automatically shut down if a tilt is detected during operation to ensure safety

Overheat Protection

A high-temperature sensor automatically shuts down device to avoid fires and ensure a long service life

Quick Stop Button

Built-in Quick-Stop-Button, shut down in case of emergency

Fundamental Protection

The included Safety Shield and Goggles protect your eyes from the 450nm and 1064nm light sources to ensure safe operation.

Secure operation with safety google and conical protective cover
A women puts the to engraved object in the LP4 protective cover.

All-round Protection

The LP4 fully enclosed Safety Cover and built-in exhaust fan provide enhanced protection for you and those around your creative work area.

*This accessory is sold separately.

Professional Service

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12 Month Warranty

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Professional Customer Service

Packing List

LP4 Package Content in Basic SetLP4 Package Content in Basic Set

* This package content applys to the LP4 Basic bundle. For other bundles with more accessories, please refer to the detailed description of each option.

LP4 Related Accessories

LaserPecker LP4 protective cover in use
LP4 protective cover elevated height with four risers
Riser asseccories to elevate the cover
The protective cover filters the laser and protects your eyesight.
Built-in ventilator fan facilicates the smoke exhaustion.
Integrated Hall-sensor for highest security level
LP4 protective cover can be used together wit the Slide Extension and Rotary Extension.
Install the protective cover to use with the Rotary Extension
LP4 protective cover dimensions