Collection: Safety Notice

1. General Safety Instructions

  • The usage and specific application of this product, and emissions generated by engraving shall be subject to the laws and regulations in the country where the user is located.
  • Please use and maintain the product in accordance with the manual instructions to ensure safe operation.
  • Do NOT place the product in a rainy or damp environment.
  • Please prepare a stable and flat table or workbench for this product.
  • Minors of any age should NOT operate the product without adult supervision and assistance.
  • Please concentrate and pay close attention to operation process and changes in the surrounding environment during use.
  • Do NOT operate the product when feeling fatigued.
  • When the product is in operation, please do NOT touch the moving part, otherwise it may spoil your material.
  • Do NOT leave the machine unattended during operation.
  • Caution - Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
  • The laser radiation level emitted by the provided laser aperture exceeds Class 1.

In case of the following situations, please stop using the product and cut off the power supply immediately.

  • The product has a smell of burning odor.
  • The engraved material generates a large amount of smoke or open flames.
  • The internal components of the product have been damaged.
  • The product stops working accidentally.
  • The product generates unprecedented abnormal noise or light.

2. Laser Engraving Instructions

  • Installation specification: Before operation, please secure the main unit based on the user manual. Please place the product on a stable and flat table or workbench. The vibration of the machine will affect the engraving quality.
  • Due to the risks of laser, do NOT bring minors or people without self-protection awareness close to the device in operation.
  • Before laser engraving , you should have adequate knowledge of: physical properties of laser radiation, hazardous classification of laser and relevant health implications and safety measures.
  • During laser engraving, do NOT look directly at or touch the laser aperture, or expose your body to the laser.
  • During operation, the material being engraved or cut may release toxic and harmful gases or smoke. Please make a comprehensive judgment based on the type and composition of the material. It is recommended to use the product with an air purifier or in a well-ventilated place, so that the toxic and harmful gases or smoke generated can be effectively adsorbed, thus protecting your health and preventing environmental pollution.
  • Reflective materials can cause laser reflection and injury. Please remove all reflective materials from the work area before use and during operation. It is suggested to blacken the area to be engraved by a whiteboard marker beforehand when engraving the reflective material.
  • Please power the device with the power and type (12V 5A power adapter) indicated in the user manual. Mismatched power adapter will cause malfunction.
  • Before laser engraving, please make sure to take safety protection measures, such as wearing safety goggles to prevent eye or skin injury, removing irrelevant objects to prevent damage caused by laser radiation, and moving away flammable and explosive objects to avoid fire.
  • After initiating engraving, do NOT move the device, otherwise it may trigger emergency stop as the gyroscope detects the machine inclination, therefore affecting the final engraving result.