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How to Get the Speed?

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Step 1:
Update the app to the latest version.

Click to download

App lastest version number:
PC: V2.5.5 Androld: V5.4.2 IOS: V5.4.3

Step 2:
Connect LP4, go to Settings, find "firmware upgrade", and initiate upgarde.

Note: If you are a previous user of LP4, please ensure you have saved your previous engraving parameters before firmware upgrade.


How to Use the Speed?

LP4 Users: Please select speed conversion button or refer to the new recommended parameter when engraving.

Mobile: LaserPecker Design Space

PC: LaserPecker Design Space

* Note: If you are a new LP4 user, you can directly refer to the new recommended parameter.


We're Here to Listen Your Voice

Your feedback is valuable to us. Please feel free to send any feature requests or suggestions to our support department at support@laserpecker.com.
We consistently update our products to meet your needs. Please stay tuned for further updates.

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